API Integrations

An integration is a technical development project designed to get two or more systems to communicate with each other. The process begins when it receives a request from a merchant or sales partner who wants to build payment processing capabilities into their own system, software or website. 

As an industry leader of processing payments, PaymentChex continues to provide reliable, tech-driven solutions to help you wherever you do business. That way you can be worry free and concentrate on making the sale.

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API Integration Features

The Integrations team consults on the functional use of Transaction Express, provides technical specifications and associated tools, assists with integration design, completes the final product review and certification testing process, and provides ongoing support and assistance for integrated merchants and partners.

Available integration functions include:

  • Sale (swipe/key/manual recurring/wallet)
  • Void
  • Credit
  • Recurring (create/edit)
  • Account Verification
  • Forced/Offline Sale
  • Settlement (close batch/transaction)

A variety of payment types are available, including credit cards and signature debit cards and ACH.

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Open up the possibilities with the ability to integrate with our API.” 



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