First Class Secure Payment Processing

Security is our utmost concern when it comes to electronic transaction processing. PaymentChex takes pride in itself and it’s customers. We’re committed to keeping you and your customers safe from the very real threats of credit card fraud and identity theft. That is why our software has been developed abiding by the maximum quality standards, earning us a number of highly respected certifications.

“Our approach to secure processing is proactive and comprehensive.”

PCI Compliance

Top-level security measures in our headquarters and development center have earned us the reputable PCI-DSS compliance, confirming maximum-security standards for handling sensitive payment card information. PCI compliance is critical to ensuring secure payment card processing.

Fraud & Protection

Secure payment processing helps keep you, your business and your customers safe from fraudsters and thieves.


The U.S. is catching up with the rest of the world by adopting payment cards with microchips.