Hosted Payment Page

The hosted payment button tool feature on PaymentChex allows online merchants and organizations to create Pay Now buttons that website visitors can use to purchase items, pay invoices or make donations. Simply put, it streamlines the checkout process and helps protect shoppers’ sensitive payment account data.

With the payment button tool, your customers enjoy a seamless checkout experience that automatically routes them to a secure, PaymentChex payment page featuring your logo. Once there, they enter their payment data directly into our server, relieving you of the responsibility of receiving, storing and transmitting sensitive cardholder data.  PaymentChex handles all the back-end processing for your business payments.

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Seamless and Secure

In addition to its simplicity and security, the payment button tool offers the following features:

  • Branding and Logo Support
  • Supports all major credit cards and ACH
  • Create as many buttons as you need
  • Set a predetermined payment amount, or leave the amount field open to be completed by the customer
  • Store customer payment information to create a recurring subscription or membership payment
  • Increased security because PaymentChex stores all payment data
  • Multiple data collection and reporting options
  • Web-based virtual credit card terminal for accepting payments and processing returns online
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“Want a simple payment page?  Don’t need a whole eCommerce solution.  We have the answer.” 



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