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Mobile credit card processing  is one of the most exciting technologies available in the secure electronic payments industry, and PaymentChex really delivers with an easy-to-use application that can help expand your customer base and grow your bottom line.

Let’s face it, growing your business relies on making more sales — the faster you sell, the more you sell. On-the-go payment processing with a mobile card swiper delivers that capability by enabling you to accept credit and debit cards wherever and whenever the need arises.

Payment Gateways

The PaymentChex payment gateway — processes credit cards with a secure Internet connection.


Virtual Terminal

Virtual terminals, like the one offered by PaymentChex, makes e-commerce possible, allowing Internet merchants the security of a POS terminal for their online customers.


Recurring Payments

The best option for processing installment plans, subscriptions and memberships, recurring payments are easily to set up and can simplify the process for you and your customers.

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Mobile Swipers

Simply plug in your mobile card swiper and you’ve just created your own “terminal on the go” that can securely and efficiently process many different credit cards!


API Integrations

Integrate into your existing POS system, software or website with assistance from PaymentChex’s Integrations Department.


Hosted Payment Page

The hosted payment page allows online merchants and organizations to create pages or pay now buttons that website visitors can use to purchase items, pay invoices or make donations.

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