Virtual Credit Card Terminal

A virtual terminal is the link merchants need to accept credit card and ACH payments online securely and efficiently from their own computer. PaymentChex offers an easily accessible virtual terminal through front-end payment platform.

Virtual Terminal

With an Internet merchant account from PaymentChex you can use your computer’s web browser, an Internet connection and a USB credit card swipe reader to log into the secure website and perform a variety of functions, including:

  • Process swiped retail credit card transactions
  • Manually enter credit card transactions
  • Manually enter ACH transactions
  • Receive authorizations responses
  • Generate receipts
  • Issue refunds to a customer’s credit card or ACH Account
  • Capture previously authorized transactions
  • Store credit card or ACH payment information in a customer wallet for future billing
  • Set up automatic customer billing for recurring charges
  • Confirm transaction status
  • Upload batch files
  • Access, create and save a variety of standard and customizable reports



Always on the move?  Use our virtual terminal to do business “virtually” anywhere!” 

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